The Shpak Lab

Plant Development

Our Mission

To advance fundamental knowledge of plant growth and development and to promote a diverse and inclusive scientific community.

We believe that the best science is done through collaborations and by supporting each other.

We make our research open to the public and post papers on


Plant growth and development, genetics, cell-cell communications, cell proliferation and differentiation, morphogenesis, the shoot apical meristem, flower development, leaf initiation, receptor-like kinases, ERECTA family signaling, Arabidopsis.


The Shpak lab accepts new graduate students through BCMB and GST graduate programs at UTK. Before joining the lab, students must be admitted to one of these two programs and go through three lab rotations.

The Shpak lab often accepts new undergraduate students for research projects. Priorities are given to sophomores, students interested in obtaining a PhD in biology in the future, and students belonging to groups underrepresented in science. If interested, send an e-mail describing why you want to be involved in a research project.

Contact info

[email protected]

Ken and Blaire Mossman Building, Room 413
1311 Cumberland Avenue, University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-0840